In Loving Arms In-home Euthanasia

Lovely Carly  2002 - 2017

"A faithful friend is the medicine of life". -  Old Proverb

       When your pet has passed, should you desire, I will transport your pet and arrange aftercare with the crematorium. Bubbling Well Pet Memorial Park provides the cremation service. You can elect to have your pet cremated communally or have the remains returned to you. If you prefer, you can handle cremation arrangements on your own or you can bury your pet at home in compliance with city or county ordinances.    


        Should your pet pass away naturally or unexpectedly and you need help with aftercare, I can transport and handle cremation arrangements for you.    


    Communal Cremation:    

        Your pet will be placed in the crematory with other pets and the combined remains will be gathered for internment at their offsite burial grounds. A representative sample of remains will also be scattered throughout the gardens at Bubbling Well Pet Memorial Park.


     Partitioned Cremation:

        Your pet will be placed in the cremation chamber, separated from other pets by a partition, ensuring that your pet and only your pet is returned to you. The remains are returned to you in a cedar wood urn with a gold foil label or an optional scatter tube. You can upgrade to an engraved name plate if desired.

Partitioned cremation urn 

     Private Cremation:

        Your pet will be the only pet within the cremation chamber throughout the entire process. The remains are returned in a cedar wood urn with the option of either laser engraved wording (3 lines, 28 characters each line) or brass name plate wording (3 lines, 20 characters each line). You will receive a certificate of private cremation. Custom lasering options include your pet's paw print or photo for an additional fee. Please fill out the private cremation PDF instruction form below.   

Private cremation cedar urn with laser engraving

Private cremation cedar urn with brass plaque engraving. Also shown is custom laser paw print.

     Optional Biodegradable Scatter Tube:

        If you prefer, you may receive your pets remains in a scatter tube. This allows you to scatter the remains and/or bury them in a biodegradable container.

Optional Bio-tube

In Loving Arms

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