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Service Fees

In Loving Arms In-home Euthanasia

In-home Euthanasia Service Fees: 


Service Areas-

Napa, American Canyon, Angwin, Benecia, Calistoga, Lake Berryessa, Fairfield, Glen Ellen, Pope Valley, City of Sonoma, St.Helena, Vallejo, Yountville. 

(Note that service area includes the city of Sonoma, not Sonoma County)

Service Fees-     

Napa, American Canyon, St.Helena, Yountville:


Calistoga, Angwin, Fairfield, Glen Ellen, Sonoma, Vallejo:    $400

Lake Berryessa, Pope Valley, Benicia:


*Additional charge for dogs weighing 100-149 pounds:


*Additional charge for dogs weighing 150 pounds and over: 



Quality of Life consultation (not required)-



Aftercare and Cremation (based on weight):


Communal Cremation: cremains NOT returned

Communal       <25#            $125

Communal       25-49#        $135

Communal       50-99#        $155

Communal       100+#         $175

Private Cremation: cremains returned

Private               <25#           $230

Private               25-49#       $250

Private               50-74#       $280

Private               75-99#       $300

Private             100-149#     $350

Private               150+ #        $390

VIP Private Cremation: cremains returned in upgraded urn

VIP Private        <25#             $260

VIP Private       25-49#           $280

VIP Private       50-74#          $310

VIP Private       75-99#          $330

VIP Private     100-149#        $380

VIP Private        150+ #          $420

Aftercare Only Arrangement: we can arrange to pick up your deceased pet for cremation 

Service fee ranges from $125 - $200 depending on location

(in addition to the cost of cremation)


Additional services:

Complimentary ink paw print (please request in advance) and

fur clippings


Clay paw print (please request in advance)

$25 - small

$30 - large


Engraved nameplate on regular urn



Your pet's paw print lasered on regular or VIP cedar urn 



Custom greyscale photo of your pet lasered on VIP urn   



Custom sublimation (color) photo of your pet on VIP urn  


*You will need to provide photo (text or email to In Loving Arms)

Burial Bags

$20 - small, up to 15 pounds

$25 - medium, 16 - 30 pounds

$30 - large, 31 - 75 pounds

$40 - X-large, 76 - 190 pounds

Preferred Payment: Check or Zelle

We also accept major credit cards

Payment is due at time of visit.

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