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Letters of Appreciation

In Loving Arms In-home Euthanasia

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Lulu, Cooper and Sydney 2013 - Best friends

"They say when you die and go to heaven, all the dogs and cats you've ever had in your life come running to meet you". - Kinky Friedman

       Dr.Tracy was wonderful from the very start until the end. Her bedside manner is extraordinary. At the beginning, he wasn't at that point yet and she was there for us until that day came. I was ready for it even thought it was 7 months later, he was suffering and it was time. She went above and beyond any of my expectations. I am forever grateful and appreciate her dedication.

       Thank you again, Corina and BooBoo

       Dr. Valerie, thank you so much for the heartfelt letter, in the short time you spent with us you know our hearts and how special Cuda is and was to our whole family. You made this experience for us with grace, humility and love and we are forever grateful. May God lead you to others that need your soft, supportive touch and understanding. You truly have a gift.

        Kim and Jason

     Thank you so much, Dr Tracy, for helping me say goodbye to my sweet cat, Satchel and for making her passing so peaceful. Your knowledge and  professionalism, complemented by your compassion and empathy, made an anguishing situation less painful, and even somehow bearable. I am sure that anyone would find solace from your help in easing their cat's or dog's last moments. Thank you again for doing what you do.

       Julie O.

     When I suspected that the time had come to say goodbye to my girl A.D.D.y (The best girl in the whole wide world) I consulted with our vet and she confirmed what I wished was not true. It was time to say goodbye. She immediately told me about Dr.Tracy and In Loving Arms.

     Dr. Tracy Rohrer called me back right away and we talked at length on the phone. She was so kind and caring. She went through some questions regarding my girl and said yes, sadly it does sound like it is time. When she is helping you, it just feels like that, she is helping you. Giving advice like a long-time friend, comforting and assuring you along the way. 

     We made an appointment for the following morning. She arrived on-time with the demeanor of an angel. She came into our backyard and met our other pups, my boys and my husband before Addy sauntered up. We showed her the spot we had picked with a blanket on the ground and she went over everything with us all there. My boys were there on each side of me with my husband John. Our other pups hovered as Dr. Tracy started going through her steps. She worked quietly, moving around us with such care and expertise without disrupting us as we poured love on our girl in her final moments. With all our hands on her, she slipped away. We all felt her leave, including the dogs and I know, it sounds so cliché, but it was just so incredibly peaceful. All the while, Dr Tracy was there, engaged but somehow invisible. After, she carefully and respectfully put her on a cot, wrapped her in a lovely blanket and my husband and son helped her to the car. Over the course of the day, we interacted regarding the pictures we were trying to decide on and the engraving for the urn. She never made me feel like a burden to her.

     We are so grateful for this service. She was able to turn what is normally a heart wrenching experience into a beautifully ceremonial feeling event which, while still heart wrenching, was better than I could have dreamed of.

I will hold you in my highest regard forever Dr Tracy. Thank you for making 5/21/2020 a beautiful day when it seemed it would be most horrible. When the time comes again I will not hesitate to do it this way, in the “comfort” of our own yard every time. In Loving Arms. 

     Christy W.

      In reflection, the exceptional care of Dr. Tracy Rohrer was really the only true choice for us when it was time to say goodbye to our dog. And though we miss our smiling Velma Jean, our family is grateful that we chose in home euthanasia by 

In Loving Arms. This specialized care is well worth the extra cost. It was our way to honor our dog Velma Jean - a close member of the family. Our dog was able to die without stress in the comfort of home and surrounded by love. She was smiling while chewing on a steak and in the arms of her best friend. The thoughtful manner and loving details that Dr. Tracy weaves into her service felt like a friend came into our home, giving us comfort, gentle guidance and sweet surprises.

Dr. Tracy was helpful and gave support through the worst part of loving a pet (the saying goodbye). We are forever thankful.

       Christine & Tim 


       Thank you so much Tracy for your compassionate care for Indy. Over the past 6 decades I have had 9 dogs, most that have lived a full and happy life, and you would think, when it is time to part with your friend it would get easier, not harder. It doesn't. Allowing Indy to pass on at home, comfortable in his own bed, and the whole way you handled the process was as good as a terrible event can be, although I thought vets were not supposed to cry. That final image that I will always remember of this sweet dog lying so peacefully in his bed is at least some comfort. I know this is not the only reason you have chosen to be a mobile vet but to me, it is the most important service you could possibly render. 

        Marc L.

       Thank you so much for your love and care of Remmy last Saturday. Your understanding of canines and end of life is amazing. You will always be appreciated when we speak of Remmy. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Tracy.

        J. Moore and family



        We will always be grateful to Tracy for coming to our home so we could gather around our handsome and loving cat Socks. He passed peacefully in his favorite spot on our bed with Tracy quietly and patiently soothing us so we could be calm for him. It was a beautiful passing for “our 16 year old baby”, a lasting image that comforts us. Thank you, Tracy. 

        Laurie, Michael & Annie

      I can't thank you enough for my experience with you on Wednesday with my cat Henry and my dog Max. It was as peaceful and calm as I ever could have asked for. You are very good at what you do, as difficult as it must be. Thank you again, I could not have had a better experience considering I was losing two of my best friends.

       Sandy M.    


     I am truly so happy that I had Dr. Tracy come to the house. My 18 year old tabby cat Moji was a very sweet and loving cat, but she always got stressed going to the vet. She has been a wonderful part of our family and I wanted to give her that respect of passing at home where she is comfortable.

    She was losing weight and getting frail. Dr. Tracy encouraged me to have her evaluated: she was in renal failure and probably would not last for more than a month. She gradually got more fussy about food and continued to lose weight. I was grateful that I could email Dr. Tracy with changes during this time. She was able to come within a day of my request and explained the euthanasia process at home.

     Moji was so unstressed and she greeted Dr.Tracy. I was relieved that she gave Moji an injection to help her relax. Moji didn't notice and I held her and said how sweet she was during that process. Moji was able to lie comfortably and go to sleep while we said our goodbyes and Dr. Tracy easily gave her the final injection. It felt right. I have no regrets. Moji was at peace at last.

        Teresa D.       

Kinky Friedman’s Eulogy for Cuddles

(From the epilogue of the book by Kinky Friedman, “Elvis, Jesus & Coca-Cola”)

Used with permission

On January 4, 1993, the cat in this book and the books that preceded it was put to sleep in Kerrville, Texas, by Dr. W. H. Hoegemeyer and myself. Cuddles was fourteen years old, a respectable age. She was as close to me as any human being I have ever known.

Cuddles and I spent many years together, both in New York, where I found her as a little kitten on the street in Chinatown, and later on the ranch in Texas. She was always with me, on the table, on the bed, by the fireplace, beside the typewriter, on top of my suitcase when I returned from a trip.

I dug Cuddles’ grave with a silver spade, in the garden by the stream behind the old green trailer where both of us lived in summertime. Her burial shroud was my old New York sweatshirt and in the grave with her is a can of tuna and a cigar.

A few days ago I received a sympathy note from Bill Hoegemeyar, the veterinarian. It opened with a verse by Irving Townsend: “We who choose to surround ourselves with lives even more temporary than our own live within a fragile circle . . .”

Now, as I write this, on a gray winter day by the fireside, I can almost feel her light tread, moving from my head and my heart down through my fingertips to the keys of the typewriter. People may surprise you with unexpected kindness. Dogs have a depth of loyalty that often we seem unworthy of. But the love of a cat is a blessing, a privilege in this world.

They say when you die and go to heaven all the dogs and cats you’ve ever had in your life come running to meet you.

Until that day, rest in peace, Cuddles.

Kinky Friedman

Medina, Texas

February 5, 1993

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