Letters of Appreciation

In Loving Arms In-home Euthanasia

Lulu, Cooper and Sydney 2013 - Best friends

"They say when you die and go to heaven, all the dogs and cats you've ever had in your life come running to meet you". - Kinky Friedman

       Thank you so much, Dr Tracy, for helping me say goodbye to my sweet cat, Satchel and for making her passing so peaceful. Your knowledge and  professionalism, complemented by your compassion and empathy, made an anguishing situation less painful, and even somehow bearable. I am sure that anyone would find solace from your help in easing their cat's or dog's last moments. Thank you again for doing what you do.

       Julie O.

      In reflection, the exceptional care of Dr. Tracy Rohrer was really the only true choice for us when it was time to say goodbye to our dog. And though we miss our smiling Velma Jean, our family is grateful that we chose in home euthanasia by 

In Loving Arms. This specialized care is well worth the extra cost. It was our way to honor our dog Velma Jean - a close member of the family. Our dog was able to die without stress in the comfort of home and surrounded by love. She was smiling while chewing on a steak and in the arms of her best friend. The thoughtful manner and loving details that Dr. Tracy weaves into her service felt like a friend came into our home, giving us comfort, gentle guidance and sweet surprises.

Dr. Tracy was helpful and gave support through the worst part of loving a pet (the saying goodbye). We are forever thankful.

       Christine & Tim 


       Thank you so much Tracy for your compassionate care for Indy. Over the past 6 decades I have had 9 dogs, most that have lived a full and happy life, and you would think, when it is time to part with your friend it would get easier, not harder. It doesn't. Allowing Indy to pass on at home, comfortable in his own bed, and the whole way you handled the process was as good as a terrible event can be, although I thought vets were not supposed to cry. That final image that I will always remember of this sweet dog lying so peacefully in his bed is at least some comfort. I know this is not the only reason you have chosen to be a mobile vet but to me, it is the most important service you could possibly render. 

        Marc L.

       Thank you so much for your love and care of Remmy last Saturday. Your understanding of canines and end of life is amazing. You will always be appreciated when we speak of Remmy. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Tracy.

        J. Moore and family



        We will always be grateful to Tracy for coming to our home so we could gather around our handsome and loving cat Socks. He passed peacefully in his favorite spot on our bed with Tracy quietly and patiently soothing us so we could be calm for him. It was a beautiful passing for “our 16 year old baby”, a lasting image that comforts us. Thank you, Tracy. 

        Laurie, Michael & Annie

      I can't thank you enough for my experience with you on Wednesday with my cat Henry and my dog Max. It was as peaceful and calm as I ever could have asked for. You are very good at what you do, as difficult as it must be. Thank you again, I could not have had a better experience considering I was losing two of my best friends.

       Sandy M.     


In Loving Arms

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